Hot Chocolate

If you are having a winter wedding there is nothing that warms the heart more than a good hot chocolate. Serve it alongside tea and coffee to fill your guests with warmth and cheer. A double wall cup is perfect for serving hot drinks and they can be personalised to fit your wedding style.


Different toppings served with the hot chocolate make a beautiful display that kids would love! Bowls of colourful marshmallows, whipped cream or cinnamon and gingerbread flavourings are everyone’s favourites.  Why not make it more adult by offering shots of baileys or whiskey?

hot chocolate

Hot chocolates are also a great idea for favours! Package it all up in a cup for your guests to take away for the cold winter nights. Add in little packets of marshmallows and a stirrer for a cute personal touch.

You could even serve homemade chocolate spoons in 4oz cups.


Why not have a go at making them yourself? Here’s how to make the perfect hot chocolate spoons:

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